Crafts for a Cause

In 1975, Hetty Friedman first traveled to the Highlands of Guatemala to learn back strap weaving from a Mayan weaver. After that time, Guatemala entered a period of intense political unrest. Thirty two years later, Hetty was able to return. In partnership with Asociación Maya de Desarrollo, a Fair Trade Weaver’s Coop,  she is designing unique woven products, training weavers and leading tours. Together they produce a line of hand dyed, hand woven items that are being marketed in the USA.

Guatemala Travel

Adventurous travelers are provided with a unique exploration of the Guatemala Highland pueblos, Antigua, a Unesco World Heritage City, and visits to various artists and fair trade jewelry and weaving co-ops. Join Hetty on an intimate tour of Guatemala’s fabulous cultural heritage. Lots of guacamole gets eaten.

Small group travel for women. Meet Mayan artisans, visit Antigua, a Unesco Heritage site, and travel on Lake Atitlan. Great food, wonderful hotels and good company.

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In Guatemala, Hetty works with the Asociación Maya de Desarrollo designing and developing new product, consulting with the master dyers and styling color lines.  The collaboration between designer and weavers results in new styles that are vibrant, wearable and marketable. The sales of these items enable the weavers to continue with their traditional work, stay in their villages and provide education and health care for their children.


Hetty travels to Guatemala to work with the Asociación Maya de Desarrollo, a Fair Trade Weaver’s Cooperative in Sololá, Guatemala. Her teaching includes technical workshops for the weavers and dyers and new product development. The weaving workshops include reading and creating weaving drafts. The goal is to expand the weaver’s repertoire and enable them to increase their sales and business expertise.