Some salves for our souls during these trying times.


Here are some salves for our souls, to help, or at least offer some solace during these trying times.

You get 15% off AND I will be donating $20 for each of your purchases from my Etsy shop to either the ACLU or the Southern Poverty Law Center until Feb 14.

1. See the glass flowers and gems at the Harvard Museum of Natural History
Had a great visit with Chris and Michaela when she was home for the holidays. Nothing like seeing a millennium of the earth's work to have some faith in the future.

2. See the shoe show at the Peabody Essex Museum until March 12. Who would have thought there could be so much variety? Stop by the gift shop and say hi from me! I always buy something for myself. From a wonderful shirt, to some awesome local chocolate or a cool book.

3. Head over to Passim’s for some home made music. Yes, they are still there and the music’s great! 
See you this Sunday for brunch?

4. Country Desserts celebrating 20 years on Lexington Street! Go for the chocolate chocolate cupcakes, almond raspberry muffins, and the fruit turnovers. Say hi to Nancy for me. 
Who says chocolate isn't a breakfast food?

5. Start a new knitting project and get together with your friends to knit and kvetch (or as we do, knit and eat homemade cookies). My favorite local place is Elissa's Creative Warehouse.

I’ve known and worked with Elissa for over 25 years (gulp!). Now, to finish my sweater that I've been working on for the past 2(?!!) years. She will help do it all!

6. Take a field trip to NYC! I'm going in February to visit famliy and will see The Tempest at the St. Ann's Warehouse, take a ride on the new 2nd Ave Subway line, and have some wonderful meals.

7. Yoga with Jill Braverman - I take Jill's class regularly, and have to say, I walk out in a totally different space than how I arrive. You can subscribe to her blog, she sends out guided meditations, and other great advice and information.

Please share your antidotes to my Facebook page. We all need it now more than ever.

If you’re still looking for a way to cozy up through the rest of the winter...

I’ve added new chenille scarves in lots of colors to my Etsy shop! They're 15% off with the coupon code FEBRUARYBLUES until February 14th and I will donate $20 for each purchase to the ACLU or the SPLC.

Very soft and perfect for cold weather.

As always, all Etsy purchases can be sent in a gift bag with a note, anywhere in the country.