Crafts for a Cause - Testimonials        



I traveled with Hetty to Guatemala for 8 days.  I was one of several women.  It was fabulous!  Hetty took all the worry out of the trip –she made the arrangements, the reservations, the itinerary.  And it worked so smoothly.  We visited women’s’ weaving cooperatives and met such warm, wonderful Mayan women; we learned about the craft and the history of weaving in Guatemala. We also met with people from organizations that work to ensure that more children attend and stay in school. We stayed in great places, had wonderful guides, ate wonderful food, enjoyed each other’s company – and brought home special woven crafts.

I will never forget this trip – and am grateful to Hetty for her special leadership!

Eileen D., Massachusetts


Hetty organizes a trip that is compelling, instructive, and just a lot of fun. She consistently demonstrated a lot of sensitivity and responsiveness to both group and individual needs. And her passion for weaving and for the culture is offered in an inviting, but never pressuring way. She has a very good sense of pacing so that days were full but not overwhelming. I found it a great way to learn and explore with just enough structure to not have to worry about rides or luggage but without feeling confined or restricted. The trip was a wonderful experience on all levels.

Rina D., Massachusetts


These trips are always thoughtfully and exquisitely planned so with the local knowledge and the exploring part you will discover and come to know things you would never find on your own. All in safely and in good company.

Anina B., Massachusetts


Hetty is the ultimate tour planner and guide. Her generous spirit and love of the people and textiles of the Guatemalan Highlands makes every trip memorable, exciting and full of wonderful insight into the regional indigenous population, history and life-styles. 

Every tour member's concerns are satisfied with the mix of extraordinary food and superb lodgings in often remote areas; introduction to indigenous textile manufacture and visits to regional weaving studios; short hikes, birding adventures, and visits to historic sites; inspiring tours of agencies caring for the health and welfare of the Mayan poor; plenty of formal and casual shopping adventures, ...and just plain fun around every corner.

Marjory P., Alabama


I just wanted to let you know how much I enjoyed your Guatemala tour and the peek into the wonderful people and culture.

I loved it so much; I’d love to go again.

Leslie R., Arizona

This was my first guided tour ever - and Hetty's trip changed my mind about "the way to travel" - this is it! 

Hetty is so knowledgeable and passionate about Guatemala, and she has great taste in all things to look at, eat, and dine. This is a great trip - wish I had signed up sooner. 


Lisa M., Massachusetts


Hetty created a wonderful tour of Guatemala with its beautiful people and their very special crafts.  We met remarkable weavers in their villages, while we toured the countryside, stayed in great hotels with great food, and enjoyed shopping and each other. It was a very special experience.   I'm ready to go again.  Thanks, Hetty.

Jane W., New York


A recent trip to Guatemala with a tour organized and led by Hetty Friedman, must rank as one of the highlights of all my many travel experiences. Hetty is an expert at how to arrange access to the places you really want to visit - to meet inspired artisans and local activists, and search out the most delicious food and great lodging. She serves up a trip that balances learning, camaraderie, and, of course, don't forget shopping!

Margery N., New York


The Crafts For a Cause trip to Guatemala is, at its core, about connection.  Through music, art, food, dancing, and listening we connected with one another and with Guatemala.   We were exposed to on-going international humanitarian efforts to help feed, shelter and educate the indigenous people, and to efforts to stop violence against women and promote their access to health services.  Through the Guatemalan people themselves we learned of the country's recent violent history and the efforts to now move forward. And as if this weren't enough, one evening, as the sun was setting over Lake Atitlan, we were each individually blessed by a Mayan shaman.

This trip helped me get beyond the usual political rhetoric and depressing headlines. Inherent in that is the belief that I too can make a difference in helping repair the world.

Hetty's ability to so openly share her passion, her tireless attention to every detail, and her seamless efforts at moving the agenda forward freed each of us up to absorb and appreciate this unique adventure.

Maxine B., Massachusetts


I had a fabulous and memorable trip to Guatemala with Hetty.  It was wonderful to be in the hands of someone who knows the language, is so well organized and competent in dealing with the day-to-day details.  It was very much a carefree vacation.  Wake up each day and Hetty had another wonderful day planned!  Doesn't get better than that.

Jeannine H., Minnesota